Postcard copies of these photographs are held in the Holsworthy Museum.  Many of them are not dated and we can only make educated guesses when they were taken.  For instance the one of the cottages opposite the park - or where the park is now situated must have been taken well before May 1923 due to the fact that that on Monday 28th May 1923 the Lord Bishop of Exeter consecrated an additional piece of land added to this section of the churchyard. The donor of the gift of this piece of land was Mr John Sanders of Yeomadon. Mr Sanders also gifted a memorial to those who served in HM Forces during World War I and opened a recreation ground for the inhabitants of the parish. In the image of Pyworthy Church the Commemorative Sundial can be seen.  

If you can identify yourself or any of the other children in the School photograph, let us know on our comments link.


All of the photos in this slideshow have a description and were all taken in around the year 2012.  Many of them will be very similar to those in the OLD PYWORTHY slideshow, but there will be some that look totally different e.g. The Molesworth Arms. This was burned down in May 1881 and was rebuilt facing east.   There will also be many new additions due to the inevitable expansion of the Parish.  The cottages opposite the park all have front gardens now and substantial porches, pretty dormer windows and all have been renovated to a good standard.  The school children also look very different now and you will notice that the 'old' photo was taken in 1914 and the present day photo was taken this year, 2014, a hundred years apart.   It would be interesting to know whether any of the children featured in the 'old' photograph are ancestors of today's children.     Another noticeable difference is that there are now many vehicles shown in the photographs.   Although the view of Derriton Hill in the OLD PYWORTHY slideshow captures a black car.   Can you identify this car?  It may give a clue to the date of the photograph.