Time and date:
Tuesday 14th. February saw each member of the History Group undertaking a 'walk' around Holsworthy from the comfort of a chair in the Molesworth Arms with glass in hand!
Shawn Dymond took us on a virtual tour of the town in the 1800's by giving us a very clever presentation which involved comparing old photographs with modern ones taken at the same locations. He started at the Church showing us photos taken from the top of the tower looking in opposite directions and proceeded to North Road, Victoria Square, the Market Square, Under Street (now Fore Street), Bodmin Street and Chapel Street. Drawing on his extensive knowledge as a local historian Shawn showed us and talked in depth about specific landmarks in the town such as The Church, Park Villa, Bodmeyrick, The Workhouse (Dawfield), The Labyrinth, The Stanhope Hotel (Barclays Bank), The Wesleyan School and The Great Tree.
He was also able to tell us about some local dignitaries including Benedictus Marwood Kelly, a Holsworthy man who left money for the building of Kelly College in Tavistock, and also Governor Lachlan Mcquarie who married a Holsworthy woman before moving to Australia and giving the name of Holsworthy to a suburb of Sydney famous for its barracks.
Everyone enjoyed listening to Shawn's informative talk, and even those of us who have lived all our lives in the area learned a lot from his considerable knowledge and passion for the history of the town.

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